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Miracle Thunder Dongle is the smallest and fastest solution for Qualcomm, Mediatek, Spreadtrum and Android-based mobile phones with free Miracle 1 year support access.Note! After 1 year it is necessary to renew access by means of activation.Miracle Thunder Dongle - Qualcomm Features:Chipset auto detectionRead pattern lock for Qualcomm devicesWrite RawFirmwareFormatCustom FlasherRead informationUnlock network codeRead / write / reset EFSRead / write / format QCNRepair IMEIFast factory reset in EDL modeAdded one click read pattern lock in EDL modeNo need in root / USB debugAdded read codes for Qualcomm phonesAdded read extended info for EDL operationsImproved manual flasherImproved generic QC IMEI repairFixed connection bugsMiracle Thunder Dongle - Mediatek Features:Read/write firmwareFormatIMEI repairUnlock network codeFRP toolRead anti-theft codeUnlock pattern codeUnlock boot loaderRead/write NVRead phone bookFix unknown basebandRead/write preloaderMiracle Thunder Dongle - Spreadtrum Features:Read/write firmwareFormatIMEI repairUnlock network codeFRP toolRead anti-theft codeUnlock pattern codeUnlock boot loaderRead/write NVRead phone bookFix unknown basebandMiracle Thunder Dongle - Supported Mobile DevicesAlcatel4003A, 4003J, 4009A, 4009D, 4009E, 4009F, 4009I, 4009K, 4009M, 4009S, 4009X, 4013E, 4013J, 4013K, 4013M, 4013T, 4013X, 4014A, 4014D, 4014E, 4014K, 4014M, 4014X, 4015A, 4015D, 4015N, 4015T, 4015X, 4016A, 4016D, 4016X, 4017A, 4017D, 4017E, 4017F, 4017S, 4017X, 4018A, 4018D, 4018E, 4018F, 4018M, 4018X, 4022D, 4022X, 4024D, 4024E, 4024D, 4024X, 4027A, 4027D, 4027N, 4027X, 4028A, 4028E, 4028J, 4028S, 4031D, 4031X, 4032A, 4032D, 4032E, 4032X, 4033A, 4033D, 4033E, 4033X, 4034A, 4034D, 4034E, 4034F, 4034G, 4034M, 4034N, 4034X, 4035A, 4035D, 4035X, 4035Y, 4036E, 4037A, 4037X, 4044L, 4044M, 4044N, 4044O, 4044T, 4044V, 4044W, 4060A, 4060O, 4060S, 4060W5010D, 5010E, 5010G, 5010S, 5010U, 5010X, 5011A, 5012F, 5012G, 5015A, 5015D, 5015E, 5015X, 5016A, 5016J, 5017A, 5017B, 5017D, 5017E, 5017G, 5017O, 5017W, 5017X, 5019D, 5022D, 5022E, 5022F, 5022N, 5022X, 5023E, 5023F, 5025D, 5025E, 5025G, 5025N, 5025X, 5036A, 5036D, 5036F, 5036X, 5037A, 5037E, 5037X, 5038A, 5038D, 5038E, 5038X, 5041D, 5042A, 5042D, 5042G, 5042W, 5042X, 5044G, 5044R, 5045A, 5045D, 5045F, 5045G, 5045I, 5045J, 5045T, 5045X, 5045Y, 5046G, 5046G-AM, 5046G-OM, 5050A, 5050S, 5050X, 5050Y, 5050A, 5051A, 5051D, 5051J, 5051M, 5051T, 5051X, 5054A, 5054D, 5054N, 5054O, 5054S, 5054T, 5054W, 5054X, 5055S, 5055W, 5056A, 5056D, 5056E, 5056J, 5056M, 5056N, 5056O, 5056T, 5056U, 5056W, 5056X, 5057M, 5065A, 5065D, 5065J, 5065N, 5065T, 5065W, 5065X, 5070D, 5070S, 5070T, 5070X, 5098O, 5098Q, 5098S, 5116J, 5138E6012A, 6012D, 6012E, 6012X, 6014D, 6014X, 6016A, 6016D, 6016E, 6016X, 6032A, 6032X, 6037B, 6037K, 6037Y, 6039A, 6039H, 6039J, 6039K, 6039S, 6039Y, 6040A, 6040D, 6040E, 6040X, 6042D, 6043A, 6043D, 6044D, 6044J, 6044T, 6045B, 6045D, 6045F, 6045G, 6045I, 6045K, 6045O, 6045S, 6045X, 6045Y, 6050A, 6050F, 6050W, 6050Y, 6055A, 6055B, 6055H, 6055I, 6055K, 6055O, 6055P, 6055U, 6055Y, 6070D, 6070H, 6070J, 6070K, 6070O, 6070T, 6070Y7040A, 7040D, 7040E, 7040F, 7040K, 7041D, 7041X, 7042A, 7042D, 7042E, 7043A, 7043E, 7043K, 7043Y, 7044A, 7044X, 7044Y, 7045A, 7045Y, 7047A, 7047D, 7047E, 7048A, 7048S, 7048W, 7048X, 7049D, 7053D, 7053E, 7053J, 7054T8008D, 8008X, 8020D, 8020X, 8030B, 8030Y, 8050D, 8050E, 8050G, 8050X9001A, 9001D, 9001I, 9001X, 9002A, 9002W, 9002X, 9003A, 9003X, 9005G, 9005X, 9006W, 9007A, 9007T, 9007X, 9010X, 9015B, 9015J, 9015Q, 9015W, 9022A, 9022S, 9022X, 9030G, 9030Q, 9030Y1215X, 1216A, 1216X, J320, P310A, P310X, P320A, P320X, P321, P321X, VF895NAsusZenpad 7.0 X370KL-P002, Zenfone Go ZB452KG-X014D, Zenfone Go ZB551KL-X013D, Zenpad 8.0 Z380KL-P024, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL-Z00LD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE500KG-Z00WD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KG-Z00WD, Zenfone Max ZC550KL-Z010D, Zenfone Go ZB450KL-X009D, Zenfone Go ZB500KL-X00AD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL-Z00LD, Zenfone Go ZB450KL, Zenfone Go ZB552KL, Zenfone Go T500-X003, Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL-Z01V, Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL-X00DD, Zenfone 4 Selfie ZD553KL-X00LD, Zenfone 4 Selfie ZB553KL, Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL-Z01BDB, Zenfone 3 Max ZC553KL-X00DD, Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL-Z01BDC, Zenfone 4 Max Pro ZC554KL-X00LD, Zenfone 3 Laser ZC551KL-Z01B, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL-Z00TD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE601KL-Z011D, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE551KL-Z00TD, Zenfone 2 Laser ZE600KL-Z00MD, Zenfone Selfie ZD551KL-Z00UD, Zenfone 3 Deluxe ZS550KL-Z018, Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL-Z01H, Zenfone 3 ZE520KL-Z017DB, Zenfone 3 Deluxe 5.5 ZS550KL-Z01FD, Zenfone 4 Max ZC554KL-X00ID, Zenfone 5 ZC600KL, Zenfone 5Q ZC600KL, Zenfone 5 ZE620KL, Zenfone 5Z ZE620K, Zenfone Max (M1) ZB555KL [MSM 8917], Zenfone Max (M1) ZB555KL [MSM 8937]HuaweiALE-L0ATH-AL00, ATH-CL00, ATH-TL00, ATH-UL00, ATH-UL01, ATH-UL06CAM-AL00, CAM-L32CHE-CL10, CHE1-CL20, CHE1-L04CHM-CL00CRO-L02, CRO-L03, CRO-L22, CRO-L23, CRO-U00CUN-L01, CUN-L02, CUN-L03, CUN-L21, CUN-L22, CUN-L23, CUN-U29FDR-A01L, FDR-A01W, FDR-A03L, FDR-A04L, FDR-A05LG520-5000, G520-T10G6-C00, G6-L11, G6-L22, G6-L33, G6-T00, G6-U00, G6-U10, G6-U251, G6-U34, G610-T00, G610-T11, G610-U00, G610S-U00, G615-U10, G620-L72, G620-L75, G620-UL01, G620S-L01 G620S-UL00, G621-TL00, G621-TL00M, G628-TL00, G629-UL00, G630-U00, G630-U10, G630-U20, G630-U251, G660-L075G7-L01, G7-L02, G7-L03, G7-L11, G7-TL00, G7-UL20, G700-T00, G730-T00, G730-U00, G730-U10, G730-U251, G730-U27, G730-U30, G750-T00, G750-T01, G750-T20, G750-U00, G750-U10, G760-TL00, G760-L01, G760-L03, G760-L11H1511, H1512, H30-C00, H30-T00, H30-T10, H30-U10, HOL-T00, HOL-U10, HOL-U19JDN-AL00, JDN-L01, JDN-W09, JIM-AL00, JIM-AL10, JIM-TL00, JIM-TL10KII-L03, KII-L05, KII-L21, KII-L22, KII-L23, KII-L33, KIW-AL10, KIW-CL00, KIW-L22, KIW-TL00, KIW-TL00H, KIW-UL00LUA-L01, LUA-L02, LUA-L03, LUA-L13, LUA-L21, LUA-L22, LUA-L23, LUA-U02, LUA-U03, LUA-L22, LUA-U23, LYO-L01, LYO-L02, LYO-L21MYA-L02, MYA-L03, MYA-L22, MYA-L23PLE-701L, PLE-703LRIO-AL00, RIO-CL00, RIO-L01, 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T630, T660, T815V0730, V580, V765M, V815W, V816W, V829, V830W, V933WXiaomi RedmiMI3, MI3 W, MI4, MI4C, MI4I, MI4S, MI5X, MI A1, MI MAX 2, MI MAX 64GB, MI MAX 128GB, MI MAX 2 OXEYGEN, MI NOTE VIRGO, MI NOTE 4 PRO, MI NOTE 3 JASONREDMI 1S, REDMI 2 HM2014811, REDMI 2 HM2014813, REDMI 2 HM2014818, REDMI 2 HM2014819, REDMI 2 WT88047, REDMI 3 PRIME IDO, REDMI 3S PRIME, REDMI 3X PRIME, REDMI 4 *****, REDMI 4 PRIME, REDMI 4A ROLEX, REDMI 4X SANTONI, REDMI 5 ROSY PRO, REDMI 5A RIVA, REDMI NOTE, REDMI NOTE 1W, REDMI NOTE 2, REDMI NOTE 3NOTE 3 KATE, NOTE 3 KENZO, NOTE 4 MIDO, NOTE NIKEL, NOTE 4G DIOR, NOTE 4X MIDOREDMI NOTE 5A, REDMI NOTE 5A PRIME, NOTE PRIME *****, REDMI PRO OMEGA, REDMI Y1, REDMI Y1 LITE, Mi6Miracle Thunder Dongle – Outstanding Features:Do I need a Miracle Box when I have a Miracle Thunder Dongle?No, you don’t need Miracle Box or Miracle Key to use the newest Miracle Thunder software. Miracle Thunder is a complete solution of Miracle Box & Miracle Key combined in one.Is Miracle Thunder and Miracle Box software different? No, both software is the same, nothing will change, just plug in your new Miracle Thunder Dongle and use the software as normal.Please note: Miracle FRP Tool is free for Miracle Thunder Dongle users only.Also, if you need:Miracle eMMC ToolMiracle Moto ToolMiracle Vivo Toolthen you can buy Miracle Huawei Tool Pack 4 in 1.Miracle Thunder Dongle – Package Contents:Miracle Thunder Dongle – 1 pc.Miracle Boot Jig – 1 pc.EDL Jig – 1 pc.MicroUSB to Type-C connector - 1pc.*Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. - GSM